An example of why I hate nearly all people.
justin bieber: and i was like, baby, baby, baby, ooooooh, like baby, baby, baby, ooooohhhhh
society: wow justin your lyrics are so deep and beautiful, i love you so much you're so inspirational
suicide silence: a sick, sad, addiction to the ones who hold such innocence and to the heart that beats with my blood, I am your shield for your creations
society: omg what is this filth all i can hear is satan
justin bieber: *cheats on girlfriend*
society: justin we love you, stay strong :'(
suicide silence: there's no easy way to say this... RIP Mitch, we love you
society: i'm glad he died, probably gave himself to the devil, the emo

Davey COCKet 8/19


Davey COCKet 8/19






This world never ceases to amaze me.

This is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard

I can’t express how much my bandnerd-ness comes out when I hear well done mallet percussion. Just. Wow.

Love it.